Not Your Average Survivor Thrive Program


Offered only twice a year, The Not Your Average Survivors Thrive Program will enable and develop the knowledge and opportunities to start/ boost recovery, mental/physical wellness, cognitive development, strategy, consistent routine, effective time management and overall quality of life.

The Not Your Average Survivor Thrive Program

Has three main goals:


To position stroke / TBI survivors to thrive amid the catastrophic consequences of a stroke.


To educate, from a health and wellness perspective, stroke/ TBI survivors with emotional,mental, physically and financial challenges.


Empower stroke, TBI(traumatic brain injury) survivors, caregivers, family and those who are at risk regardless of where they are in their journey.

Applications for the Spring Cohort are still being accepted.

Applications for the Fall 2021 Cohort will be announced  soon.

The Strokes 2 Life Initiative is committed to supporting your stroke/ TBI recovery goals so you can gain a quality of life, thrive amid the effects of stroke and prevail.

8-Weeks of Unveiling Your Full Recovery Potential

The Not Your Average Survivor Thrive Program is a 8-week program that equips and empowers stroke/ TBI survivors to propel through recovery and take back control of their present, future by changing their physical, mental and financial situations. This program is designed to give you sustainable recovery and preventable tactics for success by providing:

Who is the Not Your Average Survivor Thrive program for?

Not Your Average Survivor Thrive program is for you if you are a stroke/ TBI survivor, caregiver or someone at risk who is:

Strokes 2 Life Initiative is a non-profit organization that is set to create awareness and prevention of stroke. We will strongly work across the stroke journey, supporting stroke survivors, caregivers, and the public to reduce the impact of stroke in the American community and across the globe. We will ensure the general public understands how a stroke can be prevented and learning the symptoms of stroke and acting quickly. We will empower and equip current stroke/ TBI survivors to navigate amid the consequences of suffering a stroke.

Our Impact...

$ 100 +
Distributed seed funding
100 +
Coached at risk individuals on how to prevent/ identify a stroke.

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