Someone has a stroke every 40 seconds and every 4 minutes someone dies from a stroke. Suffering a STROKE affects the quality of life, whether it’s occupational or in their personal life.

The stereotypes of who can have a stroke and what they should look like post stroke has to shift.
Individuals who are young, with no pre-existing health issues or no family history are having stroke as well.
This invisible attack leaves invisible disabilities that need to be tackled TODAY!



The goal for this year is to raise $50,000 to help 500 at risk and current stroke/TBI (traumatic brain injury) survivors improve their quality of life and thrive amid the challenges of a stroke.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ranks stroke as the fifth leading cause of death in the US.

With the money raised by the SURVIVE 2 THRIVE 2021 campaign, S2L will continue to provide education, counseling, resources for recovery and access to scholarships.

With your help we will be able to assist in the lifetime commitment to prevention as well as stroke rehabilitation and holistic recovery. The caregivers, spouses and family members of the survivors will benefit as well. Your donations will help us continue our health and wellness programming including mental/physical/emotional and financial development, bimonthly empowerment events and annual event.